In recent years, several of Earl’s events have been filmed and are provided here as a resource for your growth and enjoyment.

The Joy of Expositional Preaching Seminar II

Teaching and Preaching Through the Bible

Explore the practical steps of study, sermon preparation, yearlong planning for relevant, cross-generational teaching of the Bible joined together with the design of worship.

The Joy of Expositional Preaching

A video course with over 600 minutes of Earl’s teaching

How can we use expositional preaching to make a text come alive for our audience? Follow Dr. Earl Palmer as he demonstrates an expositional preaching style through the book of II Timothy.

The Seminar in Seattle

3 Sessions by Earl Palmer

Watch over 4 hours of Earl’s teaching at the Seattle Seminar.

the seminar in seattle - Earl Palmer

How to Study the Bible: An Experiment in Criticism

A Kindling’s Muse with Dick Staub & Earl Palmer

Watch this episode of the Kindlings Muse from March 3, 2014 with Dick Staub and Earl Palmer where they discuss C.S Lewis’s “An Experiment in Criticism”.

The Sermon on the Mount

3 Sessions by Earl Palmer at New College Berkeley

Watch over 4 hours of Earl’s teaching on the Sermon on the Mount  in Mathew 5, 6 and 7 at New College Berkeley.

C.S. Lewis, The  Writer

A Lesson by Earl Palmer on C.S. Lewis at University Presbyterian Church

Watch over an hour of Earl Palmer talk about C.S. Lewis struggles in the beginnings of his life.

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