the Kindlings Muse

Kindling: material to light a fire; to produce warmth & an illuminating glow.
Muse: to spark one’s creative thought; engage in meditation; to consider thoughtfully.

On the first Monday of each month between September and December, Earl joins award-winning broadcaster and writer Dick Staub for a round-table discussion of ideas at the intersection of faith and culture. Inspired by the regular meetings of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and others, known as “the Inklings,” the Kindlings Muse is an intelligent, imaginative, and hospitable place to rekindle the intellectual and creative legacy of the Christian community.

Each time, Earl chooses a different book that any thoughtful Christian should read and uses this text as a launchpad into discussions ranging from good and evil, to science, to miracles, and beyond.

The show is divided into three segments – first Rev. Palmer explains the ideas the book contains and why they are important, then Dick Staub and him engage in their own conversation, and then the audience has a chance to ask Earl relevant questions. Somehow, he always manages to come up with a dazzling answer on the fly.

Attend Live

This event takes place at the Walker-Ames Room in Kane Hall* (2nd floor) on the University of Washington campus (see calendar for specific location).

To register, go to The Kindlings Muse website.


*For parking at the Kindlings Muse, you can either take the NE 45th St. entrance to UW (by the big W)and park at the Burke Museum and then walk down to Kane Hall, (which is the cheaper option).

Perhaps the weather will be utterly foul though and you’ll wish to take the entrance to the parking garage at 15th Ave NE and NE 41st St. (the elevator goes straight to the Walker-Ames room on the second floor). This will cost about $10.

Listen to Past Events

The Kindlings Muse – March 3, 2014