Teaching and Preaching

Teaching and Preaching

 A vast list of Earl’s teachings and preachings over his 62 years as a preacher and expositor of the Word has been compiled for you. This database is now searchable, so you can easily find the right sermon to assist you for your Christian walk. Earl Palmer Ministries hopes that you are encouraged and instructed by Earl’s timeless messages.

Tips for Searching

This database is a work in progress, so here are some guidelines:

  • These are sermons and lectures at churches Earl has served and at conferences in which he was a speaker or teacher. We have over 1000 already digitized for your use, and will be adding more.
  • This selection is intitally sorted chronologically, starting from the most recent and working back, but by clicking on the headers of each column, you can sort alphabetically by title, text or sermon series.
  • Almost all of Earl’s sermons are structured around a section or sections of the Bible, so it is best to search by book of the Bible.
  • If you are looking for a book that starts with a number such as 2 Timothy, or 1 Kings, search with the number, not the Roman numeral (I or II).
  • There are several sermons that are on biblical history, which you can find by searching “Biblical History”.
  • Some sermons will include worship or another presenter in the beginning of the recording, and to find Earl’s message you may need to skip to a later part.
  • If a sermon has a * next to it, it has not been added yet, but it will be soon.
  • If a sermon has a ** next to it, we do not have that sermon but are looking for it.

If you have any of the sermons that we are missing, know of any sermons that are not included in our list, notice any issues or have any ideas of how we can improve this sermon compilation, please e-mail us at info@earlpalmer.org.