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God and Our Imagination

HOW DO WE IMAGINE GOD? Where are we to look for the most important evidences that show us who God is? And when our search is underway, how do we know that what we are finding in our journey is the truth and not the confusion of our own imagination projecting words and thoughts that […]


In autumn 1939, C.S. Lewis gave a speech at Oxford University to students and faculty that he titled “Learning In Wartime.” It could have been titled “Thoughts About The Possibility Of The End Of The World.” Everyone in the Oxford University church of St. Mary the Virgin at that evening service was deeply worried about […]

Even More than We Deserve

In the novel The Firm by John Grisham the main character, Mitch, is an impressive young man. He is number two in his class at Harvard Law School; as the story begins he has two solid job offers, one with a Wall Street firm, but an even smaller firm from Memphis, Tenn., wins him over, […]